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The Company

Peralta Fernández Ingenieros has served public and private institutions for more than 22 years.

We have an impeccable resume of projects and compliance, which highlight our values as a company,

Responsibility and Quality.

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Since our first day we've worked with effort to offer unsurpassed quality. All the effort spent in this constant search gets rewarded, but it is never enough, we always want to offer the best.

To this day, we are constantly innovating, both in our production process and in our knowledge.


For more than twenty years we've been dedicated to constantly research and innovate to be able offer the final customer a quality product that meets the highest international parameters.


Our greatest pride is the trust that our clients show us, some of them for more than 20 years.

We show the same commitment to every new project as if it was our first in our portfolio of hundreds of completed projects.



Sand and Gravel for Filters in General

Water is life. It is the main component for the living being. The fundamental compound of our existence. If it were missing, we would not exist.

We produce the filter materials that make up the filters, according to the characteristics and strict specifications required by each one of them.

A great responsibility that with 22 years of constant study and research, we assume with all our dedication.

Sand for Sports Fields

Sports in general are the most genuine expression of the effort, capacity and spiritual freedom of the human being.
They are designed to try to achieve the greatest possible excellence in each discipline.

To make it possible to achieve these levels of glory, in each case, the ideal material conditions must be provided that allow maximum development.

From baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, horse riding, polo, golf, paddle tennis, etc., in each discipline, as a fundamental part of these facilities, arenas with very particular specifications are required for each sport.

Sand and Gravel for Industrial Use

The industry in its different processes requires some materials, which until a few years ago were imported.

Knowledge and innovation have allowed many of them to be offered locally.

From media sandblasting, to additive of agricultural and industrial components and others, Creole entrepreneurship  ha  achieved  to be able to offer them with similar quality to those previously imported, but at a much lower cost.

Let's give value to what is ours!

Civil Infrastucture

The company Peralta Fernández Ingenieros has stood out as a leader in the execution of large-scale civil works.We have experts with more than 40 years of experience in the construction sector.


Since the company was founded, it has specialized in the construction of various infrastructures, such as bridges, aqueducts and water storage tanks. The firm has demonstrated its commitment to excellence and quality in each project undertaken.

Always innovating and respecting the environment.

Dominican Products That Meet International Quality Parameters.

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